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Marketing Funnel

Having trouble collecting or following up on leads? The process doesn’t have to be super complicated. There are plenty of software options to track leads no matter where you do business. But without the right know how to utilize actionable insights you can waste a lot of money on expensive software. In this article we’ve included some trends leading the way to achieving business goals and closing customers.

Use your Website and Social Media to Build Awareness
our website is your digital homebase and it is where customers who are interested in your products or services will look for more information on what exactly it is that you do. It is important that you use your website in conjunction with your social media to build awareness of your business.

This can take the form of:
- blog posts on your website that are shared to your social media with links back to your website
- social media posts that draw in customer attention and landing pages on your website that keep it
- an offering of something free and useful on your socials that brings customer interest to you website to receive the offering and read further about your business


Tools to turn your Digital Presence into a Sales Funnel
The first trend is actually the first level to a successful sales funnel. The levels that follow in the funnel include: Interest, Consideration, Intent, Evaluation, and Retention. After you capture attention it's important to track each customer on their journey through the sales funnel to make sure your funnel is working and also to see where it falls short.
Whichever method you choose to use it is important that you are constantly testing and creating new content that matches what your audience likes best. The tools to do this are all available and free if you know where to look.

Our favorite tools to use at The Electric Antidote are: 
- Google Analytics 
- Lucky Orange
- Google Optimize 
- Google Search Console
- Google Keyword Planner
- Recurpost
- Send it in Blue


These tools when used together are a powerful way to track, evaluate, and use customer insights to your financial advantage. They allow you to track & collect customer data, test and optimize your website, monitor search metrics, evaluate keyword competition, monitor click through rate, schedule social media posts, schedule emails, and much more. That is a lot of data to compile from many different sources so it is helpful to either hire a marketing professional, outsource your marketing efforts, or take time to learn each of these marketing softwares. A helpful tip to compile all of this data is to use software like Databox which will build actionable reports for you from your collective data sources.


Don’t get left behind because you are using outdated marketing methods. Create a digital sales funnel that produces results. Key takeaways are: sales funnels are complicated and can take a lot of time to manage, there are free software available to perform sales funnel management, and sales funnels are an effective way to make sure you’re reaching the correct audience and catering to that audience to make sure you are an effective closer. Don’t just put up a website and hope for the best or post on social media without first knowing what your audience wants to see. There is a science to successful digital marketing.

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