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UI Design Secrets

Trends change and new features are created for websites all the time. It is important to keep up so that your site brings the highest quality user experience through great user interface design.

Awesome Error Screen

Having a good looking error screen can take the attention off of the error and eases the annoyance of the situation. This is important if your site has a heavy content load and is prone to eating up bandwidth. 

Ask for Users’ Opinion

With a review me button somewhere in your design the user is more likely to give you a positive review if you have good design. If the review isn’t so good, you have an idea of where to start working.

Add Gestures

Let users swipe, pinch, and scroll. Giving the user interactive prompts makes them likelier to engage with your material. Besides that it makes your material memorable and more personal.

Start with Black and White

Applying color and creating themes can be tricky. If you start with black and white, it helps you to lay groundwork and return to designing when you’re ready. This can save time when you are overburdened by site updates or redesign.

Notifications Matter

Push notifications drive engagement through the roof. Don’t spam your users but make your notifications interesting and relevant. If your users don’t take a liking to the notifications it will quickly become apparent; watch for the signs!



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Black Sheep

Effective user interface comes from constant testing. If you want you design to standout, you need to find what the audience you're trying to reach wants most. You should hit the ground running from there while making sure to include all these secrets to put yourself in front of the competition.

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